luni, 11 iunie 2012

Lansarea de poveste a parfumului "La vie est belle" by Lancome

The international press launch of « La vie est belle », the new feminine fragrance of Lancôme, was held on May 2nd, with almost 300 international guests. 
The event took place in the south of France, just a few miles from Monaco, in the prestigious setting of Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild. 
7pm: the cars begin to roll in, and the first guests arrive. 
A pale pink structure supports a monumental crystal chandelier. Behind it, further chandeliers are lined up, emanating limitless radiance. 
Further in the distance, among the trees, women's voices are heard declaring "La vie est belle" in English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian... Then the olfactory path begins, with the sea as its backdrop. Giant silver cases appear to float, housing the fragrance's noble ingredients (Iris Pallida, Sambac jasmine, patchouli...), artfully presented. 
And then the surprise comes. To allow guests to discover the elixir, Lancôme imagined a never-before-seen structure: a crystal chandelier that releases the fragrance drop by drop. Guests simply hold their wrists below it, literally falling under its spell. 8.30pm: all of the guests gather in the crystal structure assembled in the garden. 
Sequined white floor, pink covering, chrome-coated Napoleon III chairs, vast chandeliers, giant screens and mirrors. 
Youcef Nabi, Worlwide President of Lancôme, presents "La Vie est Belle": the concept, the bottle, the elixir, the communication and the ambassadress. Thunderous applauses. Suddenly, 40 young men enter the room. The music is captivating, the choreography perfected to the last millimeter. At last, she appears: Julia Roberts, more beautiful and radiant than ever. After the dinner, the guests are led into the luxuriant gardens. The music rises in a crescendo.
 One by one, lights illuminate the giant letters of "La Vie est Belle". Then, magnificent pink and silver fireworks are seen above the bay. A perfect end to a magical evening.

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