vineri, 28 octombrie 2011

Daily Mail, despre iubita romanca a lui DiCaprio

Hollywood hunk Leonardo DiCaprio's new model girlfriend was expelled from her high school for posing in a sexy photoshoot in her underwear while she was just a 16-year-old pupil, her former classmates have claimed.
Romanian-born Madalina Ghenea - who has been snapped with the actor this week while he films in Australia - was kicked out of the school in Slatina by outraged head teachers while she was still in the tenth grade.

She was moved to another high-school, a former classmate told local Libertatea newspaper and had been modelling in fashion shows since she was 14-years-old.
Madalina went on to become one of the world's top lingerie models after moving to Italy. She is pictured here in a stunning campaign for LASCANA, clad in a range of sexy garments - including underwear and a negligée.
But back in Romania, the budding model's parents were asked to move her from the Rad Greceanu high school when one underwear shoot was deemed to be too raunchy for governors.
'During her first years in high-school, at Rad Greceanu high school, she used to skip classes, because she was away for fashion shows' one former classmate told Libertatea.
Mai multe, AICI

Cupcake Splendens spunea...

stii,chiar si cand era cu blake lively ziceam ca ce gagica norocoasa e,dapoi asta...lucky bitch!

Felicia spunea...

Stai linistita ca si-o trage cu un barbat, nu cu un zeu. DiCaprio nu e cine stie ce ca barbat, si mai ales ca actor....

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